An insight to the philosophy behind Imago


Born out of a passionate group of troutbums and professional guides, Imago came to be in the spring 2007. Attributes such as the very best quality, innovations for practical usage and delicate design were set as guidance in the development of the product line.  In Autumn 2008, the Amphibian line was introduced to the market after 1.5 years of product testing. The rest is as they say – history.

The long testing time before launching a product is perhaps not how you make quick money, but then again that’s not why we entered this business. Our vision is to offer flyfishers’ around the planet the option to enjoy equipment that will last longer and perform according to the high level set by the founders’ and the Pro Staff. A flyfisher that experience that kind of a product will return to replace other products as well, an already well-known fact at our retailers.