IlPeppi gluten free

/Imago Bandana

A multi purpose garment that is a must have for every flyfisher.

This garment can be used as a scarf, on the head, around the arm vrist and numerous other ways that suits you. Dont leave home without it!




As per request of ORIGINAL BUFF, SA, we inform that the multipurpose garment that we advertised as “buff” are not genuine BUFF® products.BUFF ® is a trademark property of ORIGINAL BUFF, SA registered for headwear.The drawings reproduced on the packaging of our multipurpose garment is an unlawful copy of the following “How 2 Wear” registered trademark owned by ORIGINAL BUFF, SA as well as an original artistic work protected by copyright:Neither “BUFF®” nor the graphic representation of the “How 2 Wear” trademark and copyright cannot be used freely without ORIGINAL BUFF’s authorization.Neither our use of the sign “buff” nor the use of the “How 2 Wear” drawings has been authorized by ORIGINAL BUFF, SA.For more information on ORIGINAL BUFF, SA intellectual property rights and original BUFF® products, please visit the official website 




pic : Imago Bandana