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/Waist Bag

It's time to retire the fly vest!

Any carrying system that runs over the shoulder is a limitation when flyfishing. After all, the shoulders are the most active part of your body when casting and even small pressure will after a while lead to tension in the neck and the lower back.

Our waist bag allows you to carry all the necessary items that you need. It comes with our neoprene belt upon wich it runs freely. This means that you can easily wear it on the back when fishing in order to get maximum room for casting techniques and then with a simple hand movement pull it to the side of you for quick access of a fly box, tippet material or whatever you need. 



* Main pocket with water resistant YKK-zipper that easily holds two large fly boxes.

* One pocket in the inside for more valuable items with a water resistant YKK-zipper

* A mesh pocket for quick access to tippet material etc. 

* Two small mesh pocket on the front and the back for bottles of floatans etc.

* Patches for attachment of various instruments.

* Neoprene belt for back support and free movement of the bag.

pic : Waist Bag