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/Amphibian (Chest)

The choice of professionals' all over the world.

These waders are perhaps the most advanced on the market. They come in a 4+5 layer and the material on the lower part is made of the incredibly robust and long-lasting Twill Microfiber. The “wear and tear” areas of knee and behind are reinforced. Upper part is made in a waterproof stretch material in order to give best comfort in casting motion as well as being easy to fold.

Additional comfort is given by the suspenders that are centered at the back to remove that discomfortable feeling of having it run over the shoulders. Since we are not created equal, the clip-system of the suspenders also provides the possibility to adjust sideways for individual comfort and along the waist two sets of belt straps runs so that optimal waist support is given regardless length of the legs. These waders are quickly becoming the #1 choice of professionals' all over the world.



Material: Microfiber Twill
• Chest part in waterproof stretch material
• Upper leg in 4-layer with breathability:
- 4,500~5,500g/m2/24hrs
• Lower leg and behind in 5-layer with breathability:
- 1,500~2,000g/m2/24hrs
• Articluated knees
• Large front pocket with hand warmer
• Mesch pocket for quick use such as tippet material etc.
• Neoprene belt
• Adjustable waist patches
• Adjustable suspenders
• Body fitted neoprene sock

pic : Amphibian (Chest)